Multi-use Foaming Mud Mask

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This luxurious foaming mud mask is a 3-in-1! You can use this mask as a facial masque, cleanser, spa treatment; the possibilities are endless with this product!


As Facial Cleanser: Scoop out enough to apply over face; avoiding eye and mouth area. Wet fingers and move fingers over face in circular motions for 45-60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. This method is best used while in the shower.

As Facial Masque: Scoop out enough to apply over face, avoiding eye and mouth area. Let sit for at least 15 minutes. Remove mask by wetting finger tips and massaging face in circular motions for 60 seconds or until mask begins to foam. Remove bulk of mask with old cloth and follow up with handfuls of warm water. Pat face dry with soft cloth.

As Spa Bath Treatment: Scoop 2-3 tablespoons of product and smear directly onto the tub, closest to the faucet. Turn your faucet on full blast so that the mask is slowly washed off tub by water. Once tub is filled to desired level, climb in and soak up all the goodness this mask has to offer. There will be remnants of clay on your tub, be sure to wash this off when you are done.

Ingredients: Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Kaolin Clay, Water, Glacial Clay, Glycerin, Bentonite Clay, Witch Hazel, Zinc Oxide Powder, Tea Tree Oil, Polawax, Stearic Acid, Activated Charcoal, Optiphen

Warning: External use only. Keep away from children and pets. If irritation occurs, discontinue immediately. The ingredients used in this product may stain linens and clothes.